• Property valuation: Land, townhouse, villa, apartment, office, supermarket, commercial centers, workshop buildings, projects, resort, right to use leased land with one off payment, right to use leased land with annual payment, etc.
  • Movable Property Valuation: machine and equipment, production lines, transportation facilities (ships, cars, plane), etc.
  • Investment project valuation: industrial parks, commercial center - office building, resort, real estate pripojects, etc.
  • Business valuation: Intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademark value, intangible assets. To determine the value of financil assets (valuable papers).
  • Valuation of natural resources: minerals, forest resources, quarries, gold ore mines, lead ore mines, tin mines, etc.
  • Intangible asset valuation:  Valuation of intangible assets: Intellectual property and intellectual property rights in accordance with the law on intellectual property; The right to bring economic benefits to the parties is specified in civil contracts in accordance with the law, such as commercial rights, mining rights, human resources, business secrets, customers, etc.; Other intangible assets that satisfy the following conditions: they are assets that have no physical form and are capable of generating economic rights and benefits.


  • Property purchase, sale, transferring.
  • Bank loans.
  • Contributing capital to joint ventures.
  • Equitization and business establishment
  • Debt settlement, business dissolution.
  • Compensation, insurance, claims.
  • Accounting, tax calculation.
  • Contributing capital to joint ventures, dissolution, merger, division, purchase and sale of enterprises;
  • Buying, selling, transferring, trading, dealing with debts, handling mortgaged assets, outstanding assets;
  • Valuation for property purchase; valuation for proving property value; valuation of assets to be liquidated;


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