Dear valued clients,

The Board of directory and all the staff of Southern Information and Valuation Corporation (SIVC) (transferred from Southern Information and Valuation Center - Ministry of Finance) would like to wish valued clients good health and success. For nearly 18 years of establishment, SIVC has always developed and met the increasing requirements of clients, which was proved by plenty of noble awards presented by the President, such as first-class Labour Medal, second-class Labour Medal, third-class Labour Medal to the collective and individuals of SIVC. To have a brand like today, SIVC always keeps its credibility in the hearts of clients, and gradually improves its position in the market economy.

SIVC has started from creating products with distinctive features, shapes and designs, this has been recognized by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam and has been recognized for many years as "Typical Saigon Enterprise" and “Sustainable brand” because of SIVC's service quality in the following areas:

  • Real property:
     - To provide the true value of land use right; project land; dwelling houses; workshop buildings; commercial centers; office buildings; apartment buildings; farms; forest, etc.
  • Machine and equipment:
     - Industrial machinery production line; medical equipment and supplies; television broadcasting equipment; Transportation facilities (by river, sea, land); exploitation equipment system of oil and gas; water supply industry; equipment of electrical industry; school equipment, etc.
  • Business value:
     - Investment assets, financial assets, capital ownership, etc.
  • Intangible assets:
     - Trademark, Intellectual property rights, Copyrights, Business exploitation rights, The advantage of service exploitation rights; etc.
  • Investment projects:
     - Estimate value; Finalization value; Investment report, etc.

To respond to clients’ confidence, SIVC has established a system of 33 branches, 04 representative offices spreading in all over of the country together with the team of valuers having high qualifications, professional ethics. We has been bringing peace of mind, meeting increasing requirements, always ensuring effectiveness, quality for clients. In parallel with the sustainable development is the development of ISO 9001 policy, which served as a strong commitment that SIVC consistently implements the quality policy:
From “Prestige – Quality – Efficiency” to “To honour the true value”and always perform the service with the intention “Quality of service is the asset value of SIVC”, in order to meet the needs of clients in a diverse and effective way at any time, anywhere, with reasonable service prices, ensuring that clients will be satisfied.
On behalf of the Management Board, the Board of Directors of SIVC would like to thank our clients for your interest and support in the past time and are pleased to serve you at our branches and offices located in all provinces and cities in the country.

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